How The Legislation Of Cordless Window Coverings Will Affect You

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Corded blinds pose a genuine danger to the safety of young children. Numerous infant strangulation incidents related to blind cords have been recorded through the years, and sadly the fatalities continue to occur. To prevent the risks corded window treatments present to children, the Canadian Health Department has proposed changes to the Corded Window Covering Products Regulations.

While the department has proposed the elimination of cords on window coverings due to issues with child safety, they have also suggested restrictions on the length of accessible cords and the size of loops that can be created. Warnings should also be pasted on the products stating the dangers and how to make the right adjustments to the exposed cords.

However, vendors are miles ahead of the pending government legislation to improve child safety features of window blinds. As a result, consumers have many opportunities to choose an option that suits their needs and budget. These days you also have the choice of automated blinds and shades, which can make things easier for you especially if you have children.

The pros and cons of the new legislation

The primary benefit of cordless window treatments is the safety they offer your children. As a bonus, the elimination of cords gives you more aesthetically pleasing treatments as well! You won’t need to deal with tangled cords or hide them anymore, and your window coverings will appear more streamlined on your windows.

The only disadvantage of cordless window treatments is their costs. However, you can speak with your supplier to understand what exactly makes these treatments expensive and if they have options that meet your budget. Moreover, irrespective of the pricing drawback, you will still notice that the pros outweigh the cons.

You can take advantage of the new legislation by seeking the help of designers to incorporate it into your treatments. By finding reasonable solutions, designers can help you make wise and affordable decisions from the choices available.

With this new window treatment legislation, the government aims to get ahead of child safety issues, and it’s time you did too! To get started, reach out to Masonside Blinds & Drapery. We have been providing blinds, drapery, custom window treatments in Muskoka, ON for over thirty years and have developed a deep understanding of excellent style and design. We provide a wide range of commercial and residential custom window treatments for clients across Muskoka, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, Port Carling, Bala, and Washago.

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