How To Get A Seamless Look On Big Windows

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Windows are an incredible aspect of home design. They let in natural lighting and create open, spacious rooms. In addition to this, they serve as interfaces between the world inside and outside your home.

Large windows, particularly extra-wide ones, create a beautiful vista as they frame the vast world outside. Unfortunately, they also tend to bring in more heat and bright light. Excessive lighting can be distracting if not blinding. Similarly, if too much heat from outside penetrates your windows, you may need to spend extra on electricity to keep your home cool.

To remedy these issues, you can always add coverings like drapes or curtains to your window. However, if you’re looking for a solution that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful view outside, roller window treatments with extra-wide fabrics and upgraded mechanisms are a great solution. They help produce exciting looks for large windows and offer you control over your heat and bright light issues. With their ability to filter out the extreme heat and light from the sun, these window coverings also help protect your floors and furnishings from fading or discolorations. Not to mention, you even receive saving on cooling with these coverings.

Moreover, the stunning seamless widescreen fabric of these window treatments enable you to enjoy an unobstructed view through your windows. So, if you have big windows, you are going to love these window treatments.

The screen weave fabric on roller window treatments come in a variety of choices to match your taste and preferences. All you need to do is pick one that works for you, and our experts at Masonside Blinds & Drapery will do the rest.

At Masonside Blinds & Drapery, we have a variety of window treatment fabric samples, and we can match up the fabrics and mechanisms you need in our shop through our home shopping program. The best part is that we offer these services at no additional costs! Our screen weave products are some of our most value-added products in the window treatment spectrum. We also carry other great substitutes like cellular shades, which offer similar benefits. If you find it tough to choose between these treatments, our team will be happy to educate you about these options.

As specialists in drapery and custom window treatments in Muskoka, ON, Masonside Blinds & Drapery is happy to assist you in every way possible with your window treatment needs. We make it our business to learn all about the different window treatments available in the market and offer you nothing but the best. With over thirty years of experience in our industry, doing this is easy as we have a wealth of experience in the window covering industry, and can quickly help you obtain the products you need. We also help you make smart lifestyle choices to create the environment you want for your home based on the fabrics, colors, designs, and mechanisms you desire.

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