What Does The Legislation On Cordless Window Coverings Do For You!

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For some time now, the Government has been concerned about the growing number of infant deaths from strangulation by cords on window coverings. As a result, it began working on legislation to ban cords on window coverings, and the Government has now taken a more concrete step by stepping up its efforts to outlaw the use of corded blinds as early as 2021.

Earlier this year, we had written about how the Canadian Health Department has proposed changes to the Corded Window Covering Products Regulations. Click here to read the blog.

Apart from the pros and cons mentioned in our article titled - How The Legislation Of Cordless Window Coverings Will Affect You, there are other advantages and disadvantages to the proposed legislation.

With the proposed ban to come into effect as early as 2021, manufacturers have already begun diligently coming up with alternatives that will comply with this upcoming legislation. While the primary advantage will be a reduction in the number of infant deaths, another advantage is its aesthetic appeal and the cleaner visual appearance without the cords being exposed when the blind is in the up position.

Unfortunately, the most significant concern with this change is that there will be an added cost to introduce cordless systems. However, existing systems that allow you to move your blinds up and down such as cordless tensioners in the headrail or motorized gears will become less expensive as higher volumes will help them to hold or drive the costs down per unit.

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